Would you like to BEE a MERMAID or a BUTTERFLY?

Would you like to start a Family Nature Club?

Teachers, please start your weekly lesson plans with a question.  Then have that drive the curriculum. Amazing the conversation from students about what the want to know.  Have that quote on my first website, “Knowledge is Answers to Questions, the more knowledge the more questions.” We cannot change the past, we can only change the future with our Tiny Tweaks. Actions that emanate an air of empathy. It is a TIME FACTOR. It is about finding the Holes in the Wall of young brains.

Teachers, please build Root and Shoots!

Teachers, have you seen the Real Life Algorithm?

I provide seeds, but gardeners needed
To plant and nurture them!

“Everything is connected—everyone can make a difference.”


Where will the Children Play? CBS Sunday Morning Father’s Day 2020 – Writing a letter to my DadSongs revisited – OMG Yusuf / Cat is the the same age as I am.

A solution Outdoor learning Spaces