May 2020

Mia wanted to make a Mermaid costume so we went to Joanne’s. October 2019 when she was 3 she picked out the pattern and the fabric. Even wrote an editorial about the experience, https://knorth.edublogs.org/editorials-published/. I started the costume, but found the directions difficult, so would stop. Six months later finally finished it. Mia, now 4, helped make the video and insisted that I leave in every picture I took.  The song is sung by by one of my son’s students, her Uncle Tony.

Camp Gaga June 17, 2020

” If your house keeps falling apart you can come over and watch Boxtrolls.”  My Mia, so sweet.  One toilet stopped up and the other would not shut off.  Conversations with 4 years old goes in so many funny directions. I think we saw a bug. This still makes me smile so had to write it down before it is gone down memory past.

Arboretum Benches August 2020 – An adventure with Aunt Teresa where you wanted to read every bench plaque. And inspired your GaGa to add a bench for you in the park.

My Birthday Book October 8, 2020

  Plant a seed and it grows :)) “Wow, Wow, Wow” said my Mia.

And one stroke to paint a Fairy picture for Susan’s North Carolina Condo. Planting seeds of friendship.



March 2020 American Doll Camille

Mia’s favorite book  – what an actress!